Dave worked at Spoke from April, 2004 to July 2005.  His old
company, BoldFish, went belly-up in April 2003 and was
acquired by Siebel.  He spent a miserable year there before
finding a home at Spoke.  Unfortunately, Spoke decided to
move to San Mateo, so he switched jobs again.  Spoke is still
going and hopefully will go public sometime still.  Click the
image and visit their site.  You might even want to sign up!
Career News
Dave has been at Coral8 since July of 2005 as a Senior
Professional Services Engineer.  If you are interested in real time
complex event processing (or just want to know what that means),
click the logo.  He has been there over three years and really likes
time.  Of course, she was always working three-quarter time,
but now she is getting paid for it!  One of these days she'll
want to elaborate!